James and Jesse’s Fly Fishing – Bike Packing – Siq ass tour

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Int. Kook Exchange Program is damn pumped about supporting Kook ass tours. James and Jesse are rolling out next week on a soul finding, work flicking, mate making, bike packing, fly fishing expedition. They going to give us a weekly round up. Expect kute snappies, stories from the road and pics of fish! Ride on bois. We are stoked for you….Wish we were there!!!

Here is James, spinning a tale of why work place safety is no fucking joke, telling us about his trip and his sk8er mate Jesse – who made the right choice.

Words From James;

Well I used to work in a cabinet shop building custom furniture and stuff, and I was milling some old pine that had a nail in it and it made the wood jump and my hand slipped and got pulled into the machine. It took all five fingers on my dominant hand, It happened 4  1/2 years ago now. It’s definitely taught me patience haha.
 For the route, Jesse and I plan on taking back roads from Reno to Klamath falls Oregon, from their were gonna be hoping onto the Oregon outback trail and riding north.
We plan on taking our time and fly fishing along the way up. Once we get to Portland we’re gonna rest for a day or two, then start riding down into Boise. I have two friends that plan on meeting up for a week and will be bringing my two dogs out for some good times in the outdoors!! Our route is kinda wherever the road takes kind of thing but we are trying to end it in Leadville Colorado.
I’m doing this trip cause I need it mentally, and I feel the road will cure it.
Jesse and I are both skateboarders/artist and both only have bikes for transportation. We grow up together out here in Reno skating. Jesse actually quit his job for this trip, his job found out through Instagram he was gonna do this and they told him either quite and ride or stay and work. He quit hahaha “

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