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Harry Major, a friend of Kook in NZ is also bag maker – Wizard Works and has made a drop of bags on our door (via courier). You can find them here – and we asked him some very in-depth product questions below.

SO you like sewing? Thats cool…what do you like so much about it? 

It’s a creative outlet, something my mind can obsess about when I’m riding my bike, or tying my shoelaces. Sewing is an aesthetic thing, but it’s also problem solving and engineering. I like having an idea and then working out how to make it. Its not just that sewing involves making a 3D thing out of flat pieces of fabric, but also that the order you sew things is vital. Once you’ve sewn a seam it becomes impossible to sew certain others.

Harry Major

What is your most favourite thing to sew? 

I make bags for bikes and sometimes bags for humans, and honestly my favourite things are the squarest. Squares are great.

Where do you get your colour inspiration from? Is fabric hard to find? 

One of the big reasons I wanted to start making bike bags was how bland everything was. Colour and patterns are so much fun. We are seeing some really cool stock bikes coming out with great colours, things like the Electric Queen, and yet all the mainstream bags are black or camo or grey. I really wanted to get some faux 80s rave culture in my work. What I soon realised was sourcing out-there fabrics in the right kind of material is pretty tough. However being able to track down that splatter Cordura was sort of the beginning of everything.

Backpacking bags wizard works

Is it worth your time? 


What does the future hold for your bags? 

A website, and greater availability.

Are they any good? 

Yes, absolutely. I’d never want to let something shoddy or flawed get into someones hands.

Can I have one? 

Sure. Until the forthcoming site is up and running, you’ll have to make do with instagram; @wizard.works

What bags you most proud of? 

The Basket Bag. I’ve been making a version of this since 2015, it was the first thing I wanted to make. The current finalised design does exactly what I want from a basket bag, easy on easy into. Its simple but full of features that make it unlike anything out there.

Wizard works basket bag

Whats the best trip you’ve been on? 

Hmmm, they’ve all been great. The best riding is hands down The Old Ghost Road track in the south Island of New Zealand. The country I remember most fondly is Taiwan. The Best food was Malaysia. The time the field we were sleeping in was set on fire was Cambodia.

Send us pics of bags that didn’t quite work out? 

I think everything starts out not working out, and through testing starts to work good. The panniers I made look cool, function pretty cool, but there a few killer design flaws in their construction that meant when I was testing them out on a three month tour in America I had to sew them back together every week or two.

Thanks for being siq

Right back at ya. #shredthepatriachy

Bikepacking feedbags Wizard works

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