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James and Jesse’s Fly Fishing – Bike Packing – Siq ass tour Part 1

Update on our boys out in the wild! James and Jesse 

the good shit and getting chill on their bike tour. #checkoutthisload

“Okie doke!

Well it’s been two and a half days and we’ve gotten 110 miles. Day 1 was a hell ride! There used to be a rode that rides along the highway to get to Frenchman’s lake, turns out the railroad closed it. We took it anyway and made it about a mile before we hit soft sand and head winds! Hahaha. We ended up pushing our bikes for a couple miles, and then running into a locked gate we had to dump all our gear and toss our bike over just to walk in more sand.

After all that we made it to the lake, drank a beer smoked a doobie and crashed out!

Day 2 we rode gravel for 36 miles to Milford CA, it was slow and great! No cars!!!”


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