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Hi! The International Kook Exchange Program; less miles, more smiles. 

Kook Of The Month

Nick Kohn
Nick KohnNorthern Beaches, Australia
Nick is currently battling across Mongolia chasing the tail and route of Ghengis Khan. Thats kook! Follow his epic story on his gram and some stories here as he travels. Go bro go

#kookexchange hashtag

  • We are still alive. Just been busy. Here is a very good shot to remind you to keep up your kook fashion and send us those pics for us to froth on. 
#keepitkook #internationalkookexchangeprogram #kookexchange #fashionbrand
  • ⛺️ in case y’all ain’t heard it’s 2019 and this is what we do now 🚴‍♂️
#straddle #bikepacking #kookexchange #fixiepacking #fixedgear #trackbike #bad #at #doing #bikes #in #2019 #doaskid until the next adventure
  • I really like this photo.... i was feeling myself after a full weekend away of riding downhill at @thredbomtb where I pushed my nerve further than I ever had. When I got home I was so sore......hard to walk and hold things sore.... the bruises and the swelling coming up nicely....from the spills and holding on for dear life..but I grabbed the BMX and continued to ride till the sun was setting - I like the photo because I was reaching cycling nirvana finally getting my fill of what my body can do on a bike. It was three days of heavy biking...never felt so sore but never felt so good. 
The photo is shit but the feelings were big. 
#cyclingnirvana #livingthef♥️ckingdream #bmxstreet #kookexchange #downhillmountainbiking #bmx
  • Here we have @vermane with the only way to mount a bike....let’s take a lurk. 
Good submission for the Kook Exchange flap hat competition. There is still time to get yours in...pretty sure there is a day or two remaining. 
The comp is to video or photograph yourself on your kook adventure - whatever adventure means to you. That’s it. No tagging a friend. We just wanna see you having a good time. As many submissions as you like. 
The most inspiring post wins the discontinued colour sun safe kook flaps. 
Two flaps to win. 😉#internationalkookexchangeprogram 
#keepitkook #kookexchange 
  • Finished up my @allcitycycles #GORILLAMONSOON and got er’ ready for our first ever #OFFICIAL bike packing trip. It’s this Saturday. 25 miles one, with a community style cook out for 🥘 stop in or call us for more details. || #mtb #allcity #allcitycycles #kookexchange #nittanymountainworks #nmwinthewild #tubus #racktime #basketlife
  • Meet the winner of the very first original kook exchange patch. Putting in the winning bid of $42.69 at the last minute of the auction a few weeks back. 
Here we have @jambi_jambi conducting the winning interview with a very happy @ethanclif 
#keepitkook #internationalkookexchangeprogram #kookexchange #kookauction #saleofthecentury
  • Sunday night here in Sydney, Australia. Ready for another week kookin, workin, riding, scheming. 
We have a big question we wanna ask you but we are nervous. Hoping to find the best way to ask in a couple of days. Can you keep an ear and eye out for us? We wanna try and reach as many of you as possible and gauge what you think. 
We are here to serve you! We only wanna make you happy. ♥️ Happy little kooks. 💛

#staycute #keepitkute #internationalkookexchangeprogram #keepitkook #kookexchange #woogirls
  • Rode into China briefly #mawsontrail #kookexchange #great #letstakealook
  • I rode a bike and I liked it #kookexchange #awesomemawson #likedit
  • A tear jerker farewell to our friend and colleague @vermane. Safe travels back to Mudgee with his @crustbikes Nor’easter...built by our @justinbmx58. 
Hold your friends tight, give them love and help them blossom. Water them and they will water you so you grow together. Or something like that. 
Love you @vermane 
#keepitkook #internationalkookexchangeprogram #kookexchange #kookfamily

Kook Camping Equipment

Kook is MEtAL shirt worn by Jambi-jambi


Golden Saddle + Kook Exchange Wide Brim Hat

Our in-house designer @_mardel_ specialty designed the logo that we see on the limited run Golden Saddle Wide Brim Hats (just in time for Paris Fashion Week). Golden Saddle being an all-round good bike shop giving back to the cycling community in energy and thrills and spills.

Being a supporter of all things fun and cute we are so happy to have these in store at Golden Saddle.

Great snaps no? Really brings out @thejohnnie‘s eyes.

Kook Socks

Kook Camping Equipment – The Wood fired Camp Oven

KOOK CAMPING EQUIPMENT – The Wood fired Oven. Tired of using fossil fuels to cook your camp meals? How about using nature? Cook in style at your next camp event. Flat pack, travel edition wood fired oven.

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